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Sponsored links appear on the right side of location pages (counrty, city pages) and include a small photo.
They link directly to your website and include a small 60x60 pixel image.
One month: $70
Three months: $150
Six months: $275
One Year: $550

Your sponsored link will appear within 48 hours from the time you complete your submission.
After you have made your payment one of our editors will visit your site and review it for listing. Listing does not imply endorsement of any kind. This directory is not responsible or have any control over the content of listed websites. If your site is rejected the fee will be refunded.
Please note:

Please complete the information below and click "continue" to step 2.


* No recurrent auto-billing unless requested.

URL of your Website: required!

Name that will appear in the directory required!

Location: City, Country: required!

Additional info such us "Independent, Blonde Beauty etc.", or additional areas serviced.
This information appears next to your listing.

Image URL:
The URL of the image you would like to use for your sponsored link.
If your image is not 60x60 pixels we will make the necessary editing at no additional cost.

You may also email us the image separately if it is not available on the internet.

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