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Bold Listings ($265)
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The $95 fee is for review only. After you have made your payment one of our editors will visit your site and review it for listing within 24-48 hours. Once your site is accepted it will be listed in the directory for a full year.
If your site is not accepted the fee will not be charged.
Please note:
  • If your site is unavailable or you supply incorrect information we will let you know via email and ask you to re-submit at no additional cost.
  • If your site is listed and becomes unavailable in the future the listing will be removed.
  • If your site is listed and in the future it's content changes drastically making it unfit, or unrelated to the directory the listing may be removed.
  • If your site requires membership you must provide a user id and password for us to review it's content.
  • We may edit or modify any names or descriptions you submit in any way we deem necessary.
  • Your site should contain a link to us in a visible position.

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