Mistress Leather-Orchid is based in South Florida (Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami)
Mistress Leather-Orchid is a hypnotically beautiful, compassionate, professional Dominant. She trains submissives and fetishists that wish to explore their fantasies in a safe, sane, and discreet environment. As a professional Dominatrix for many years, She has fully developed Her naturally feminine powers of persuasion, intuition and understanding. Mistress Leather-Orchid is a true Goddess- body, mind, and spirit.

Mistress Leather-Orchidís skill as a dominatrix is only matched by Her extraordinary beauty. She has a lean and feminine figure with the face of hypnotic allure. She carries Herself with the grace and confidence of true female superiority. Her eyes will allure You, Her smell will intoxicate you, and Her voice will leave you trembling. Her hands can make your spine tingle or put you on your knees where you belong.

As an intelligent and complex Woman, Her mood can range from seductively sensual to intensely severe. She will treat novices with the understanding and patience that they need, and will give experienced submissives and the naughty a thorough training they deserve. Your limits will always be respected. She, in turn, demands obedience through guidance, regulation and strict control. She is a very refined and elegant Mistress. Make no mistake, though, She is always in control.

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