Mistress Deven

Allow yourself to be released from societies grasp

I am Mistress Deven. I am a lifestyle as well as pro Domme. I believe the relationship developed through the time spent with my pet is an important one . Created with trust and my loving dominance. I Am a very down to Earth individual.How ever do not take my kindness for weakness. I hate the way society labels everything that it cannot understand. I give you a chance to feel free being yourself and to explore fantasies you've had to suppress through the journey of your life. I can be strict and sensual ,this really depends on your demeanor. I enjoy Deprivation, Wax play, CBT, Sissy training , Cross Dressing , Imprisonment , Collar and leash play , Breathe play , Golden, Spankings in all forms, medical, electro play, although I consider BONDAGE my ABSOLUTE Favorite. I love to immobilize my pets with rope , leather , saran wrap really anything that makes them feel all cozy and restrained. ;) I have over 10 years experience and fully equipped but gifts are always excepted and appreciated.



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